Make use of the mouse to take orders and serve donuts.

Game Details

Flipline Studios serves up another installment of their amazing Papa Louie management series with something sweet in Papa's Donuteria. This time, you will embark on a donut-cooking adventure with Tony and Scooter, two default workers in the game. Having a job at Donuteria, in the whimsical town of Powder Point, you will get a great pay and cool benefits. What are you waiting for? Come on!

Now the players have to cook dozens of delicious donuts a day for all the crazy customers in this carnival-like town. Be ready yet? Your customers are always hungry, so make sure to keep them happy by making them donuts they want. Cut out the donuts, fry 'em up, dip them in icing, and decorate them with a dizzying array of toppings. You will receive your weekly pay-checks and raises every week. Between Tony and Scooter, you can choose who will be your default worker; or, you are allowed to customize your own worker. Another server can be hired when you reach Rank 4.

When a customer walk in the door, you should quickly to take their order, craft their donut down to the sprinkles, and serve it up before they become too impatient. Each order consists of multiple donuts, and each one has its own ingredients and decorations. There are four main stations can help you make the most delicious donuts – Order Station, Dough Station, Fry Station, and Build Station.

Like all games in the series, things start out slow, but they gradually ramp up in a hurry; later, you may be suddenly juggling up to twelve donuts at a time that all require cooking and decorating a lot harder. Everything from dipping to frosting donuts is harder than it looks. It’s necessary to purchase some cooking alarms, so that your donuts you are frying for your angriest customers won’t be burnt to a crisp.

Your score and your tip depend on your speed and accuracy overall. Since you can spend that money on helpful shop upgrades, you'll want to develop a deft donut drizzle hand in a hurry. Papa's Donuteria, surely, provides a solid and fast-paced challenge that you have to come to deal with.

Date Added: 2016-10-27

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