Have a fun time making cupcakes by using the mouse only.

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All of us usually have a sweet tooth. Whether we love to bake, or just to eat, cupcakes play a role in adding beauty to our lives. Served as a dessert, we all swoon over for its physical beauty and its taste. In Papa's Cupcakeria, your ultimate goal is to bake the best cupcakes in town. You can make seasonal cupcakes, and unlock a lot of special things. Spend time giving this time management game a shot, buddies!

Now, you are hired to work at Cupcakeria restaurant where you have to make dozens of cupcakes and keep your customers happy. Can you gain much profit working there? At first, choose whether to play as James or Willow, or create your own character. Then, do a basic training where you will learn how to make the perfect cupcake. Take an order, add the filling, bake your creations, and add various toppings like icing and chocolate. Players have to perform well to earn enough money, so that you can clear your debt soon.

Like all Papa's games, this edition has a multi-stage process to literally filling a customer's cake-hole. You take down the orders, choose the baking cups, and fill them with the appropriate batter. Bake the cupcakes until ready (keep watching the oven) and decorate them all to their exacting specifications. You're scored on how well you perform at each task, which influences both your wage and tip. As you level up and gain new customers, you'll notice the seasons changing in the town of Frostfield. During holiday seasons, make sure to decorate your shop accordingly, as well as make the most of seasonal ingredients.

The installment here will challenge your time management skills to the utmost. How fast you serve your customers’ orders will dictate how much your score will be. Keep in mind that this virtual world will take time element to the next level.

Again, Papa's Cupcakeria is another great episode in a series that keeps improving as it goes. This game will certainly blow you away. So, when does work feel like play? Of course, when you’re working for Papa!

Date Added: 2016-10-28

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