Navigate the mouse to complete all the customers’ pie orders.

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Throughout the years, Papa Louie has sold his customers everything from chicken wings to sundaes. And now, it's Papa's 10th anniversary – Flipline Studios decide to treat all the players the best food in town in Papa's Bakeria, their newest simulation game. Are you ready for the new job? Here, you're asked to run a big time bakery which is famous for its most sought after pies in town. Show us what you got!

You have just been hired by Papa. It is the most popular bakery in town, located at the center of Whiskview Mall. Can you handle this job? Being the chef and manager of Whiskview Mall's best bakery needs a lot of qualities. You will have to bake for the pickiest customers, and only delicious desserts prepared just exactly as they want can make them happy. Choose whether to work in Papa's bakery as Timm or Cecilia, or create a worker of your own to resemble you or someone you know.

Starting as a new employee, your task is to fulfill customers' orders for delicious pies. You'll be in charge of choosing the correct crust, filling them with a variety of right ingredients, and baking them to perfection. For each pie you successfully bake, you gain experience; and if the customer is satisfied, he or she will give you a tip. Complete a wide variety of tasks to earn new colorful stickers for brand-new outfits unlock. Serve "Daily Specials"; to your customers for bonus and prizes, as well as unlock new ingredients and decorations.

As the game progresses, more and more customers come to the bakery. For sure, it gets hard when there is more than one customer to deal with at once. But since they don't like to wait too long, you have no choice but to hasten the baking process as well as improve your skills but still deliver them well-made pies. Always keep your customers happy in this sweet as pie management game.

You can earn new clothes and customize your lobby using wages and tips you have earned. If doing well, you will even be awarded promotions for your hard work. It's time to make Papa's Bakeria the greatest bakery ever!

Date Added: 2016-10-24

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