Bartender The Right Mix

Bartender The Right Mix

 Bartender The Right Mix


Tap and hold the left mouse to pour, shake, and serve your drinks.

Game Details

Have you worked as a bartender before? How good are you at making drinks? Here comes a chance to test your skill and ability – entering Bartender The Right Mix and giving a shot, fellows. This is the pre-part cocktail mixing game for cocktail connoisseurs. You will be invited to a fun cocktail party where your major target is to mix the best cocktail. Sounds interesting, huh? Time to pour and shake!

The players will be in a role of a professional bartender. Your main aim for the tonight party is to make the most delicious drinks for the guests. All the cocktails which you will prepare should be tasteful. Who could think that from badly prepared mix, it is possible to flare actually fire like a firedrake or at all to depart to the other world? So carefully mix ingredients in the right ratios; and, of course, don’t be afraid to experiment.

Take a look at the main screen, you will find many kinds of bottles on the shelf. At your order, there are a large number of alcoholic beverages and different additives to receive excellent cocktail. You are allowed to mix them into any kinds of cocktail. Low your eyes a bit, there are three displayed buttons on the bottom – Pour, Shake, and Serve. These buttons represent three chief steps you must follow up: firstly, choose any kind of liquid you want and press Pour to pour the liquid into the shaker; then, press Shake to shake the mixing cocktails. Lastly, you need to hit Serve to serve your cocktail to the guest after testing it.

How good is your cocktail? After the guest tried it, you can see the change of him. If he feels so good, this means well done and you will gain a good score. However, if he feels so bad, you have to try it again. Pay attention to the dialog box, since it shows the advantage and disadvantage of your cocktail.

There are a few hints to play the trick in Bartender The Right Mix – Always use vodka and cranberry juice to combine with other drinks, plus adding a lemon. With this recipe, you will be able to get around 6000 - 8000 points.

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